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Learn how to become an expert in applying make up with Sarah's professional online make up lessons and courses. Catering to clients in the UK, America, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and many more. 

Suitable for make up artists and non make up artists. You can be assured listed is a lesson available for everyone from all locations of all ages. 

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“First week of my makeup artist course with Sarah this week. what can i say?!!! it’s amazing! already learnt more in a couple of days than i did at college! Highly recommended! easy to follow and Sarah is always on hand to help with things i am unsure of. Also the most amazing make-up recommendations! Looking forward to getting through it all and practising all the new techniques!
COURSE 1 - Beginner Makeup Artistry Course - one to one video mentoring included.


Do you want to be the very best at doing something you love? Whatever avenue you wish to pursue in makeup I can help you achieve your makeup  dreams. Every skill and piece of knowledge I have learnt in my makeup career you will learn, I hold nothing back. I love teaching others the art of makeup and how to thrive in such an exciting industry. All modules come in easy to read PDF formats, well laid out with written step by step instructions, tips and techniques throughout, product recommendations and first class aftercare service. All modules are highly detailed with the most up to date makeup skills included. 

  • Aftercare, you will receive aftercare from me throughout and after the course has taken place. 
  • Exceptional Professional makeup starter kit from Kryolan Makeup T&C apply depending on which payment term you choose

  • Live one to one video mentoring throughout the duration of your training.  I am here to help you every step of the way.

  • Clean beauty for portfolio module

  • Light smoked eye design module

  • Flawless base and glowing skin module

  • Highlighting and contouring module

  • Eyeliner formulas module

  • Shaping and filling eyebrows module

  • Perfecting your lip work module

  • False eyelash application lesson - Individual and strip false eyelashes modules

  • Pro discount information

  • Portfolio building and organising photo shoots

  • Areas available to you for work in the make up industry

  • Access to my exclusive pro training group on Facebook

MAKEUP & INDUSTRY BONUS GUIDES INCLUDE AND COME WITH EVERY COURSE - Makeup hygiene, skincare & skintypes, essential brushes for your kit, kit building, foundation selection & advice, eye shadows to suit different eye colours.
Your optional professional starter kit is listed below for you. A great kit to enable you to start your practice efficiently and productively.
After each module is completed you will be required to carry out the assessments I include. This is a vital part of your make up progression, this allows me to provide feedback on your make up techniques and skills. In return you gain confidence knowing your work is heading in the right direction. Included in the course is also information on how you can arrange your very own professional photo shoots to build up your makeup portfolio. This is a very important part of your career, building a strong portfolio is vital for your progression and confidence to enable you to gain work in the future.
MAKEUP ARTIST COURSE 2 - Professional Bridal Makeup Course - Payment plans available.
This course has been designed in mind for people who would like to venture into the professional bridal side of the make up industry. This course is also very useful in helping you start your freelance business. As well as including superb make up modules it also includes business advice so you will be ready to start your freelance business with confidence.


  • Exceptional Professional makeup starter kit from Kryolan Makeup T&C apply depending on which payment term you choose

  • Professional makeup face charts

  • Step by step written tutorial on a full bridal make up design which includes skincare right through to the finished look.

  • Makeup hygiene

  • Applying make up to different eye shapes

  •  The difference in bridal make up for application at different times of the wedding day

  • What you will need in your professional make up kit to get you started as a professional bridal freelance make up artist

  • Live one to one video mentoring throughout the duration of your training.  I am here to help you every step of the way.

  • Information on how to establish yourself as a bridal make up artist

  • Guidance on achieving published bridal work

  • Guidance with booking forms and taking deposits

  • What to expect from your bridal make up trials, including tips on the preparation that is involved, to be sure you turn up to the bridal trials well organised

  • You will be required to carry out the bridal make up look which is included in this course. This will need to be sent to me so I am able to provide feedback and assess you on your make up application. 

  • Aftercare, you will receive aftercare from me throughout and after the course has taken place. 

  • Access to my exclusive pro training group on Facebook