I have loved my online course from Sarah!! She has so much information that I had never heard before! Sarah’s course is so unique because you can message at any time and she will always get back to you with tips and advice! Which I know from doing other beauty courses that once you have done the course you are left in the dark, there is also the private members Facebook group which it’s amazing for tips and opinions! I love the fact the course materials are always there to look back on, and Sarah has tips on marketing and staring your makeup business! I have loved the tips and tricks for weddings and brides as Sarah’s lash technique is different to any other makeup artist I have been to. It makes me so excited to book my first bride as I know adopting Sarah’s techniques that my bridal looks will be different to any other artist in my area! Sarah is so lovely and friendly with so much knowledge in the makeup industry! Thank you Sarah xx
Currently still working through my make up course online with Sarah, and I have learned so much. She goes in to lots of detail with her pdfs and her demonstration practical videos, which being dyslexic really helps me. She has let me talk to her at times when I’ve been worried and gave me good professional advice if what to do. I’m really enjoying the course as I can work at my own pace and her feed back demonstrates where I need to improve. I can see that I’m improving each time which I love. Can highly recommend Sarah as not only is she a brilliant teacher she is also an amazing artist.
What a great course! I love the flexibility of doing it at my own pace and the mix of videos and guides really explains everything in detail. It has everything you need to get started as a make up artist and build confidence. Also the support and aftercare that Sarah provides is second to none. Highly recommend
I had the best day today doing my first portfolio shoot (I’m literally still buzzing!) I was feeling quite intimidated about it all and I can honestly say it was so worthwhile, and I learned loads and totally loved every minute. I still have a lot to learn which will come with time and practice but I feel I have the skills now to move forward. A massive thanks to Sarah Baldwin for organising it all, supporting me through the process and taking amazing photos. So talented and inspiring xx
I have been a freelance Makeup Artist for a year now and decided to focus more on the bridal market and thought a brush up on technique and knowledge was due. After much research I decided to book in with Sarah, her industry knowledge and experience as well as warm approach made her a good choice to book with. She completely tailored the 1 2 1 to what I was aiming to achieve, giving advice not only on application but business practice as well, which since adopting has improved my client interest. The model Sarah chose for me on the day was a delight and her advice on changing my blending technique and how to use the brush better to my advantage has reduced my application time and mess, my hands no longer look like a toddler has drew over them!
Much more confident after my 1 2 1 with Sarah and already planning my next module with her.
I can’t thank Sarah enough for all her help. She’s so kind and thoughtful and her knowledge is first class. I’ve taken the flawless base course and learnt so much. If you are thinking about taking a course and are worried trust me you needn’t be Sarah is there every step of the way, and it doesn’t stop there. True after care, help and advice. Such a great lady. Thank you Sarah xx

I completed a pro make up course but felt I needed some more training and lacked confidence in my skills. After searching online I stumbled across Sarah’s website and what an amazing find it’s been. I’ve now completed quite a few face to face lessons which have been tailored to exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve learned so much and Sarah is patient, friendly and so talented. She offers many different types of make up training and services and even more valuable, is the amazing afterservice. She is always on hand to answer questions, provide encouragement and provide feedback on practice sessions. Following on from this, she is helping me with doing a shoot to start my make up portfolio. I can’t recommend her enough, EVERYTHING you could possibly need to become a make up artist. All I can say is a heartfelt thanks
This course is ideal for me. I can pay monthly and as the course content is realised in stages it gives me time to practice each module before the next is available. It doesn’t feel overwhelming this way and this structure helps me focus on one thing at a time.
Sarah’s instructions are concise and easy to follow. Product recommendations come with every stage which I love. I’ve only been signed up for a short time but I feel my artistry has benefited hugely already.
Sarah is at hand to answer queries and to discuss anything I’m unsure of. I also like that she holds you accountable for practicing the methods/looks. This is something that makes her course unique and pushes me beyond my comfort zone and has boosted my confidence. It is such a pleasure to be able to learn from such a great makeup artist and a lovely teacher. I look forward to learning more from Sarah.
I’m a newly qualified makeup artist and really felt I needed more training. Sarah has been so wonderful & very helpful in offering help & support. I’ve taken 1 of Sarah’s courses and the information is invaluable. Sarah is always there if you need anything and full of encouragement .I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting their makeup applied or wanting to learn, trust me you will. Inspiration for me right there. Thank you Sarah x
I absolutely love Sarah’s make up modules. I am a professional make up artist and a huge fan of personal/professional development. I love learning new techniques, tips and tricks off other make up artist. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s make up models and bonus guides. I can highly recommend them to both new and experienced artists. Thank you Sarah! xxx
I highly recommend Sarah I was already a trained Makeup Artist BUT I feel I have learnt so much & lots of different techniques I had never thought of before so if your on the fence go for it you will not regret it. I am doing the Introduction to Freelance Makeup Artistry & loving it
Sarah I just wanted to say how impressed I am so far with your modules I am learning so much already & new things I haven’t covered in previous training so thank you so much.
Thank you so much for a great lesson yesterday Sarah! Everything was explained and demonstrated at a good pace, so was easy to take in. The lesson was fun as well as informative and detailed. The handouts are so helpful as can refer back to them! It was a very comfortable friendly environment which made it really enjoyable and relaxed. Really looking forward to attending more lessons/courses. Would highly recommend to anyone who is either starting out from scratch or wanting a refresher/additional training. Thank you again!!!!!
First week of intro to make-up with Sarah this week. what can i say?!!! it’s amazing! already learnt more in a couple of days than i did at college! Highly recommended! easy to follow and Sarah is always on hand to help with things i am unsure of. Also the most amazing make-up recommendations! Looking forward to getting through it all and practising all the new techniques!

“Sarah is very helpful, encouraging and very informative. I am enjoying all aspects of her online course, and the flexibility of it. It’s great having 1 to 1 online tutoring”

I totally recommend Sarah’s courses I’ve never learned so much about brows she gas built my confidence. I’m looking forward to the next one eye liner.

Sarah really goes out of her way to be there if you need any advice and assistance, she is on hand during anti social hours, replies to you promptly and is very enthusiastic and friendly when dealing with you. I have used a number of her on line training modules which are fantastic value, very well written and have helped me a great deal. The content is great and is the easiest to follow from any training courses I have come across. Not only does Sarah take the time to support you with the training, she also goes out of her way to help wherever and whenever she can. It is invaluable to be able to learn from someone who has a vast amount of experience and knowledge within an industry that is challenging and competitive, but who is also willing to share everything despite the competitive nature. I highly recommend Sarah for anything you may need. I will continue to follow her progress and use her as a go too for help, advice and training.

I recently completed a full online makeup course with Sarah. I have a keen interest in makeup and application and chose to do the course mainly to build on my personal skills and be able to make up friends and family if they wish. After lots of research into makeup courses I am so glad I chose to complete one with Sarah. I completed one module each month. It was good to focus on one aspect at a time and Sarah gave me thorough , clear and constructive feedback on all the practical work I sent her. Feedback was given very quickly, often within a couple of days. The modules were sent via email and were very simple to follow. A variety of products are recommended in each module to suit all budgets. Sarah is very talented, knowledgeable and approachable. We are still in touch regularly even though I have completed the course and she continues to give me great advice and feedback. You will not be disappointed if you choose to do the course or buy any of Sarah’s makeup lessons.
Just received the latest version of Sarah’s highlighting and contouring lesson. I love the clear layout and imagery to show where you should be placing the product. New products are recommended and with Sarah’s expert guidance, I have learnt some new tips & revisited some areas I was unsure on. A must buy! My favourite lesson

I recently started the Bridal Makeup course with Sarah. For anyone wondering if they should do it, I’d say definitely go for it!! I was pondering on it for a few months but as soon as I emailed Sarah (all of the hundreds of questions I had) she came back with all the information I needed which gave me the confidence go start it. I cannot recommend her courses enough. Lots of information, step by step guidelines, tips and tricks and generally a constant support to me. I’ve started with the foundation module and I’ve been practicing lots on friends, sending Sarah photos as I go and she’s always replied with feedback in a very prompt manner. Helpful diagrams showing areas to improve as well as explanations how to do so. She also tells you what you’ve done well which lifts your confidence a lot, as having just started out you tend to see all of the negatives and not so much the bits you’ve done well at. Sarah is always on hand & really patient. Great expert advice, guidance and help. I also find her social media sites great as it’s helpful finding out about tried and tested products and a support network with other makeup artists & students. I’m so glad I’ve found Sarah to help me with my study and I look forward to trying each new module. I didn’t think I’d find distance learning easy but so far so good. I combine this with my normal 9-5 job during the week so can basically pick it up when I choose and there’s no pressure from Sarah as to when I work / finish a unit. It’s really flexible. Finally she is an inspiration and looking at her work, which is amazing gives you the determination to keep on going with something you love and enjoy learning about, to hopefully one day be able to do this for brides as a professional MUA. One very happy student
Hi I just wanted to write a massive thank you to Sarah. I have been a make-up artist for a few years and there is still so much to learn. A few months ago, I had what can only be described as a bride from hell who tore me apart. Instead of saying she was in the wrong, I wanted to take on board what she said, so I contacted Sarah about skin prep lessons. Sarah was so helpful and even before I had been sent to lesson. She asked for images of the bride and gave some feedback (which was no way as horrific as the brides). All of the information that I needed was given and Sarah was really sweet and helpful. She kept on top of asking me for images (which I kept forgetting to send) and just had really constructive feedback. I think her aftercare was the aspect that I loved the most. Sarah just really wants to help, which is so rare in an industry where everyone keeps their cards close to their chest. I really appreciate Sarah’s help and how honest she is. So thank you so much Sarah x
I just want to publicly thank Sarah Baldwin for the help and support she has given to me these past few days. I’ve had a serious crisis of confidence and was ready to give up but have taken the online flawless base class and I feel loads better. Will continue to practice following the advice but already feel better. Sarah gives great feedback and goes above and beyond in offering advice regarding procedures and products. Thank you so much Sarah X
I recently decided to study Sarah’s Online Individual Eyelash Application Lesson and could not have been more impressed with the course content and care from Sarah. The lesson itself was clear, full of great tips and broken down so it was easy to understand and follow, which is especially helpful to refer to when it came to carrying out the practical work. I also found Sarah very approachable and helpful so I never felt stuck for help. She is genuinely interested in how I was finding the lesson and is keen to offer advice and suggestions which is incredibly helpful when seeking feedback and looking for ways to improve! I would fully recommend Sarahs lessons to anyone wishing to improve their skills and I look forward to learning from her again in the future.

I have currently done two classes with Sarah E Baldwin - Professional Make-Up Artist and they are absolutely fantastic. Sarah is a very nice and friendly person who takes the time to make sure you understand everything and answers every question. Before starting the course I had very little knowledge about make up but I have gained a lot from the two classes I took and hope to gain more in my next classes. Sarah also gives very constructive and friendly feedback in the practical work. I also found the hand-outs and product recommendation very useful. Hellen - from Brazil.
Sarah has recently helped me with some changes on my website and within days I have had seen an increase in enquiries. I just want to say a huge thank you! Sarah’s business skills and expertise are second to none. I encourage other makeup artists to give her business courses a go as I have learnt so much from Sarah.
Hi everyone if you looking for a professional make up artist look no further Sarah is amazing!! I started the introductory to make up artistry course from day one Sarah has communicated so well with me, answered any questions I have and her lessons are easy to follow. I had a video chat with Sarah the other day it was very professional relaxed and I learnt a lot!! Thank you Sarah I’m looking forward to continuing working with you.. Helen - Swindon
I have now almost completed 3 modules of Sarah’s online makeup lessons. They are easy to follow with great advice and recommendations and you have the ability to experiment in your own time- no pressure. Sarah is very friendly and is always available to answer any questions. Thank you.

I have just started doing my full online make up lesson with Sarah. Having previously done a make up course 2 years ago I wanted to have more knowledge and basically start at the basics again! I have done a smokey eye online course with Sarah previously to so I know how good her online lessons are... And she constantly answers any questions you may have. Would highly recommended Sarah to anyone. Thank you x
I have just completed one of Sarah’s Video Make up chats. It is lovely to be able to see her in person and take her live feedback. She is the utmost professional cool ,calm and collected and has so much valuable guidance to share. She has given me some great tips to go away and practice and I look forward to doing more in the future. Thanks Sarah E Baldwin - Professional Make-Up Artist. Vanessa - Midlands UK
I have taken an Online Lesson with Sarah to top up on my Make-up education from college. I felt that the lesson had much more detail to what I was previously taught. It was great to confirm my previous knowledge and also add confidence to approach different techniques of Make-up Application, with help from someone working using the current techniques within Make-up Artistry, Thank You. Anette Pilling
ust wanted to say a massive thank you to Sarah E Baldwin - Professional Make-Up Artist who has recently been helping me with pricing, negotiating and strategy for my business. Her help has been invaluable and she is a massive blessing! I now feel more confident standing by my prices and have seen a dramatic increase in revenue as a result of her mentoring. Highly recommended! Thanks again, Sarah. Charlotte - Isle of Man
I took the contouring online class with Sarah, my problem was my contour came out too strong and too Orange on pictures so I needed help asap! And with the online class I was able to learn amazing techniques that helped me improve 100% on my contour, the class was very detailed and it was very easy to understand and follow the instructions and with practice and her tips do it very well. I definitely recommend her classes for anyone and to makeup artist like me that every day look for a way to improve, Sarah is very attentive, she is very professional and always there to help, she replies her emails right away when you have a question and even tell you what products work the best for her classes. Client - New York City USA

Fantastic online video make-up lesson from Sarah Baldwin; can’t believe some of the fundamental things I have been doing back to front after all these years!!! Thank you so so much; your tutorial was so clear, you didn’t make me feel silly for not knowing the differences between some of the equipment and techniques and I actually feel pretty confident that I could achieve a ‘look’ now rather than just chucking on a bit of eyeliner and hoping for the best! Leanne - UK

I have recently finished taking Sarahs online business lessons for make-up artists and I can honestly say they have been so useful. I have been an artist for a few years but definitely lacked direction on taking my business to the next level. Sarahs step by step guides and advice were really helpful. Her aftercare is perfect and it has really motivated me to become a better business woman. Thank you for your continued help Sarah. Evie Smith

Just a quick note to say thank you so much Sarah for my bridal smokey eye makeup lesson. Although my clients nearly always absolutely love their makeup, I feel the new techniques I’ve learnt from you have really taken my work to the next level and I love seeing the progress I’m making Thanks again and can’t wait to meet you very soon! Charlotte Easton - Isle of Man

Hi Sarah, also, thanks SO much for my creative skills and colour theory lesson! I’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to use the skills in the upcoming photoshoots I’ve got planned! I highly recommend this lesson to any makeup artists at whatever level looking to build a strong portfolio. Charlotte Easton - Isle of Man

I have just completed online lessons with Sarah. She is an amazing person and makeup artist. I learned a lot of new skills and techniques from her. She is very informative and was very patient answering all my questions. Can’t wait for the video call :) Heba Omar - Egypt.
I started working with Sarah a few months ago. I noticed she did online lessons and as I live far away from any makeup schools I thought this could be a good option for me. Sarah has helped me with: my website, pricing, a business plan, ideas, photoshoots, moodboards, career development and many technical aspects of makeup applications.

Nothing is too much trouble and even though I’ve not met her she feels like a friend. I teach some makeup classes myself and I know it is not easy to teach and explain how to do things. Sarah does it in a really caring, friendly and helpful way and you never feel embarrassed to ask or show your work.

In my day to day work I feel much more confident now as well as in my portfolio building and looking for new opportunities available in makeup artistry.

Her lessons are extremely good value for money and worth every penny. I have already recommended her to other makeup artists I know and will continue to do so. I can’t thank Sarah enough, our paths crossing has truly been a blessing to me as a person and in my career. Charlotte Easton, Isle of Man
Sarah, thank you for the Online lessons, especially the lips! Love all the new techniques! Big hugs from Puerto Rico!

Thank you so much for your continuing help!! It makes me very happy to have my questions answered after my lesson! You’re the best!! Thank you. Liz from Puerto Rico
Had my first online video call lesson today with Sarah. I throughly enjoyed the lesson, I learnt so much & feel more confident now in my own makeup application plus I will use the tips Sarah gave me on my clients. Relaxed, informal & fun at the same time. Sarah has spurred me on to continue to practice each week & I will be purchasing more online lessons from her as they work so well! Sarah watched me apply each step & commented on my technique where needed. Book in ladies! Recommended . Kimberley - UK

I’m currently doing Sarah’s Introduction to Make up Artistry online course. From the beginning Sarah was easy to approach, really nice and helpful in answering all of my questions. If you have any queries she is very quick to respond with everything you need. The handouts and lessons I have received so far are very in depth and so easy to follow. I’m learning a lot and also benefiting from the many recommendations of products and brushes included in the lessons. Sarah gives me friendly but professional and constructive feedback to my work and is very encouraging. I’s recommend her to anyone. Thank you and I am looking forward to doing the rest of my course. Jessica Clague of Isle Of Man

Hi Sarah, just a quick note to say thank you for the lipstick lesson, excellent information, tips and easy step by step guides too. I love all the product recommendations, I wish I’d had your lessons earlier on in my career it would definitely have saved me money buying the best brushes and products. Cant wait to test my new skills on my clients and photoshoots I have planned. Thanks again. Charlotte Easton - Isle Of Man