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Online masterclasses and courses suitable for all. Learn how to create a smoked eye, contour your face in the correct way for your face shape, create a flawless base and work on mature skin. I have many online courses suitable for everyone. All courses and modules come with my aftercare. 





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Take your makeup artistry to the next level with my specialised online makeup course for Makeup Artists to learn the art of Creative Techniques.

The clever use of creative makeup techniques can be the very thing that propels your work into the next level of makeup artistry.

In this online makeup module I am going to teach you how to:

  • Use tape to create special effects on the skin
  • How to use glitter to create a striking glitter beauty look
  • How to use diamantes
  • Application advice on line work
  • The use of Gel Fix
  • Application methods for creative make up artistry

Aftercare is included in this module, as it is with all of my online training modules and courses. This in return means any work you create using the methods in this module, you will get marked for you and provided professional critique of your work. This is very important, this will increase your confidence in this area of makeup artistry knowing you have a professional makeup artist here to help you on a one to one basis. 

I look forward to welcoming you on board and helping you improve your makeup artistry skills. Please visit my gallery to view my creative work. 

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