Professional videos for everyone to learn from, whether you are a aspiring artist, a existing artist or a non artist. My videos will help all of you with your makeup artistry skill set and confidence levels.

This video is a long one but I wanted to make sure I added in every step for you so you can gain full advantage of it. So grab yourself a drink and enjoy this before and after full volume video :)) I suffer with breakouts and red skin, so anyone who suffers the same follow these techniques for flawless skin.
Hi all, so this week I am back with this lovely little video to show you how to create a beautiful red lip, finished with a touch of red gloss. This video is great for beginner artists or anyone who would like to pick up some tips on creating a red lip.
Hello all, back this week with a wonderful video to showcase the power of this fabulous skincare range. You will see in my before and after images in the video just what a difference this has made to my skin. Night and day.
Hi all, this week is a super short video to show you how to apply these amazing dark drops onto the skin for contouring. These drops are for darkening dark foundations, but I love to use the drops for contouring, they work so well for this makeup application.
Hello everyone, Sarah here. Welcome back, this week I have a really quick simple video for you all. To show you how to set your makeup properly. LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE when it comes to using powders.
Hi everyone, I am SO EXCITED to share this video with you all. I get asked so many times on how to create looks like this and general tips for natural everyday makeup, so it got me thinking, why not film one for everyone to enjoy.

I am back this week with one of my absolute favourite looks to do. I love creating these creamy eye looks and now you can too with this easy step by step video.

This week I am back with a video which I have taken from my online makeup course, as I wanted to share this with you all. I use this method of skin prep for a lot of people especially brides. I hardly ever use a primer.

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE - Here I want to share with you how to apply the most beautiful lashes I have ever used, onto your client's. These lashes always look stunning, they are perfect for anyone who is not use to lashes, or anyone who does not like the feel of strip eyelashes.

A nice short introduction to my online makeup training programmes. IN PORTRAIT MODE FOR NOW. Do you want to learn the best techniques in the industry? Are you ready for a fresh and exciting new change? Do you adore makeup and wish to make it your full time career?

Hi guy's, a simple video on my simple set up for my beauty portraits. I have been asked a lot recently on what I use and my set up so I thought what better way to show you than in video form.

How to apply cream/liquid blusher, blended in with foundation and stippling brushes for a gorgeous even finish to the skin.

SOFT HAZEY SMOKED EYE DESIGN Using just one palette you to can create this gorgeous eye look. Palette used is one of my favourite palettes and it is by Tropic Makeup

YOUR PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP STARTER KIT AT 50% OFF. YOU CAN ORDER YOUR ONLINE PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP COURSE HERE - I have designed this special starter makeup kit with Kryolan Makeup, for people who undertake my online and face to face professional makeup courses.

For this video I wanted to do a really beautiful elegant look for a teenager. You can also take these application methods into makeup for older people too. They are very versatile. With a lot of teens wanting to wear makeup I thought it would be nice to show that you do not have to cake it on.

A video to show that contouring does not have to be hard or over complicated, here I talk through the tones to use, how to use the face as a map to contour everyones face no matter what shape it is and my favourite products for powder contouring.

FABULOUS MAKEUP TRAINING CASE STUDY - This absolutely made my day, receiving this wonderful video from my client. I am always so happy to hear that my clients got so much from my professional makeup training, whether this is in person or online. Thank you so much Susan, a real pleasure teaching you.

Within my industry I am usually filming models and clients but for this video I wanted to talk through some of the things you will come across as a makeup artist.

This is a subtle take on a smoked eye design, this eye design can have much more product added to it if you prefer a deeper intensity. It is very wearable.

How to curl your eyelashes correctly. I hope you all enjoy my very first youtube video, on how to curl your eyelashes correctly. Quick tips for everyone to enjoy and get a lot from.

What an absolutely amazing fun week me and Stephanie had. A real pleasure teaching a lady who is so passionate about makeup and pushing herself and her new business.

A lovely review here from my client over on the Isle of Man. Me and Charlotte worked together very closely for a long period of time, so I was able to help her perfect her makeup artistry and build her confidence as well as helping her with her website, social media and building her portfolio.
Easy beginner eye makeup for darker skin. I am all about simplicity in my makeup looks and this look is a great look for the daytime and can be easily vamped up for the evening.
Enjoy this FREE VIDEO taken from my professional online makeup course.

BONUS MATERIAL FROM MY ONLINE MAKEUP COURSE Enjoy this easy step by step video on applying cream blusher for an airbrushed effect.