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Online masterclasses and courses suitable for all. Learn how to create a smoked eye, contour your face in the correct way for your face shape, create a flawless base and work on mature skin. I have many online courses suitable for everyone. All courses and modules come with my aftercare. 





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Are you looking to enhance your makeup skills, for personal or professional use. I train people worldwide with my online makeup training packages and one of the services I offer is live makeup lessons via Skype or Facebook Video. I find a lot of my client's live to far to come and see me and/or and have very busy schedules, therefore taking this live video option offers them flexibility for their makeup training. The lessons are offered in hourly slots and are charged by the hour at £50 per hour. 

You pick any topic you wish to learn, during the lesson I will carry out the techniques on myself allowing you to watch and then repeat on yourself or a friend. With me on hand to watch and guide you. Please have good light for the video call. Daylight would be preferred if possible. 

"I have just completed one of Sarah's Video Make up chats. It is lovely to be able to see her in person and take her live feedback. She is the utmost professional cool ,calm and collected and has so much valuable guidance to share. She has given me some great tips to go away and practice and I look forward to doing more in the future. Thanks Sarah E Baldwin - Professional Make-Up Artist." Vanessa

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