Welcome to my one to one professional makeup course page.  I am very excited to share with you how my private makeup training courses work. Please do carry on reading to hear more about this exciting service I offer. 

My professional one to one makeup training courses cater to clients individual needs. I teach aspiring makeup artists, existing makeup artists and beauty therapists from all around the UK. My makeup courses are suitable for anyone, they will be catered TO YOUR NEEDS.

What is your passion? 





Whatever avenue you wish to pursue in makeup I can help you achieve your makeup  dreams. You will learn all the basic fundamentals of makeup from makeup hygiene, foundation selections, smoked eyes, skin types, kit building, how to market yourself successfully, pricing, building a portfolio and much more. Every skill and piece of knowledge I have learnt in my makeup career you will learn, I hold nothing back. I love teaching others the art of makeup and how to thrive in such an exciting industry. 

Depending on which topic you wish to learn the sessions will vary in what content will be covered. I have added some staple applications below which you will learn with me, and from this more content will be added depending on if you wish to study Bridal Makeup, Editorial or Occasion. 

For a long time now I have wanted to train as a make up artist but was unsure where to start - I am so pleased that I have chosen one on one lessons and was so impressed by the information folder you provided which covers more than I could have hoped for. It was so nice to meet someone who is clearly passionate about what they do and who is also happy to share their knowledge and skills and go the extra mile to help others to learn - I look forward to my next lessons.
  • Skincare and prepping of the skin to ensure a flawless finish
  • Kit building
  • Use of highlighters to brighten and enhance the skin 
  • Foundation selection and concealer application for the eyes and base
  • Blusher application including creams and powders
  • Eye shadow and eyeliner applications, this will include all formulas of shadows and liners
  • Mascara application, learn the pro tips and tricks to give you those long beautiful eyelashes
  • Eyebrow shaping and filling
  • Shading the face (if needed)
  • Lip care and lip work
  • Setting the makeup, what areas need to be set and which do not
  • Brush utilisation, how to get the best from your brushes and what brushes you will need to carry out your makeup applications
  • Bridal makeup including product recommendations best suited to this makeup method. 
  • Best light to carry out makeup applications in


Once your training has finished, it does not end there. You will receive aftercare with me, when the opportunities arise you will  attend bridal jobs and editorial jobs with me. The experience you will learn on set and location is invaluable. This will build your confidence and teach you how to work in a highly skilled team of creatives. Which will in turn help you when you come to building your very own portfolio. 

Below is a case study from a student I trained. She undertook her very own editorial photo shoot, which was arranged by me. This enabled her to gain e experience working in a team of highly skilled creatives, and for her to produce some beautiful work ready to launch her portfolio. This service is an extra add on after your studying and is completely optional. Courses are carried out in Edinburgh in my makeup room. I have professional lighting which will help with the colour selections and applications. 


Courses are started off with a 6 hour bulk booking. The hours within this can be broken down into smaller sections if you wish. If you would like to take 2 hours one week, and an hour the next to make it flexible for you, this is an option. Or you can take the full 6 hours in a day.  My courses are all done on a one to one basis allowing you to gain my full attention. The time span for my teaching is shorter than a school due to the fact it is one to one, as I do not have other people to help in the session. All focus IS ON YOU.  Once the 6 hours are completed I will asses your work and where you are with your studying and from this I will add on be spoke sessions, so you are able to work on the areas that need more attention. You will be given homework to complete for certain topics also. 

The first of the session will be a sit down and talk with you, to enable me to understand your focus and what areas of makeup you wish to concentrate on. We will then move onto makeup hygiene and I will take you through my professional makeup kit and portfolio. You will be given handouts to keep on each session you do and a model will be arranged for you to work on. 

Thanks so much Sarah for my 6 hour training course today ! It was amazing and learned loads of new skills. Highly recommend you and your so professional and specific thoughout your lessons! Thanks again I had a wonderful day.