Do you need something in place to give to your brides? Something that will help them prep their skin before the big day, and help them in choosing the correct products?

After years of going through skincare with brides, and noticing a lot of brides do not have a good skincare routine in place. It got me thinking, I need a guide I can print out and hand out to the bridal party at the makeup previews. This guide will help the bride and bridal party know what to do in the run up to the wedding day, it includes skin care, body care, relaxation tips, product recommendations and general tips on how to stay calm and relaxed before the big day. 

Once you receive the guide, you can add your logo in and an image of your work. Be sure to also add your name to the bottom of the guide. Keep an eye on the images attached, when you add in your logo it may move them around a little. They are easily adjusted. Please also feel free to add in your own links for products you recommend. Maybe you retail a brand of skin care. This is  a great way to sell your products to your client's. 

This guide is only £5 and will really benefit you and your client's in the lead up to the big day. 

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