The makeup industry is a very exciting one to be in, as it is constantly evolving and never gets boring. Every day is different and it offers a great variety of work in different areas. You must be prepared to work very hard, as working as a freelance makeup artist you are the one that has to get your own clients. Unless you work on a makeup counter which many people do. I worked on No7 for 6 months and it was great to be able to work on so many skin types this gave me a lot of added experience and confidence after leaving the academy in London, which I took forward into my freelance career.


Now, time to get to the areas you have available to you in the makeup industry:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Body Painting which can also include face painting
  • Bridal
  • Occasion
  • Special Effects – which comes in very handy for TV & Film work
  • TV & Film – Very good for lengthy work contracts
  • Theatre
  • Commercial/Advertising
  • Creative Make Up
  • Working on a makeup retail counter
  • Working as a brand ambassador for a well-established make up brand




As you can see the list is quite long and each area offers a different outlook on many makeup styles.


You can do a little bit of everything if you wished. But as time goes on and you gain more experience you will find where your strengths lie and what you most enjoy in certain areas.


For example I love to create close up beauty shots, fashion and creative makeup so I work on this in-between my bridal and makeup teaching/education. I have no interest in body painting or special effects so I stay clear of those. Stick to what area you have most passion for, work hard, stay humble and you will see the opportunities come in.


The fashion and Beauty industry can take years for you to get established (if this is the route you take) which is why networking is ESSENTIAL. But in-between networking you work on brides, occasion, theatre and tv/film. So you are still learning and gaining experience within the industry. Which is very important for you moving forward.

Images below are jobs I have undertaken. Makeup by me. 


You may find you venture into one area of makeup, but as time goes on you change direction to suit you better, I have done this myself, I wanted to start in fashion and music videos. I did a little of both in London when I started, but found it was not for me.  I am so glad I now do what I do, which is teaching others the art of makeup, beauty photography and bridal. It suits my lifestyle so much better and I can plan my days much better this way. It all fell into place for me changing direction when we moved to Edinburgh, I found my niche and have stuck with it. 

Enjoy your journey and whatever path you take, I am always here to help and support people. 

Please do get in touch if I can be of help

Sarah x