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““I’ve learned so much from you in 6 months than I have a year doing freelance and previous training. Thank you Sarah.(Elizabeth UK based)”


All courses and sessions are suitable for beginners and existing makeup artists. I train hundreds of people who are already trained in makeup but feel they need to learn more in certain areas and build more confidence. For beginners this is a fantastic start for you, you will also get to learn the fundamentals of makeup which will last you your lifetime, of being a professional makeup artist.

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Introduction to Makeup Artistry Online Course, specialised starter kit and makeup artist brush set…

Flawless Base & Glowing Skin

Clean Beauty for Portfolio

Fresh Dewy Editorial Skin

Smoked Hazey Eyes with Individual Eyelashes

Winged Eyeliner

Shading & Highlighting The Face

Shaping & Filling The Eyebrows

Perfecting Your Lip Work. Including Nude Glossy Lips and Red Glossy Lips.

Mature Skin

Creative Techniques

X1 Hour Live Video Mentoring, once every 4 weeks for 12 weeks


Bonus Guides

Foundation Advice & Guidance

Eye shadows to Suit Different Eye Colours

Kit Building for Professional Makeup Artists

Makeup Hygiene

Skintypes & Caring for The Skin

Tools & Brush Utilisation

Marketing & Promoting your Freelance Career

Creating your First Business Plan

Cream Blusher for an Airbrushed Finish

Checklist for your Course

Pro Makeup Discounts

EXTRA BONUS GUIDE - Portfolio Building & Organising Photo Shoots

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Why Train Online With Me…….

Learn everything and more that the schools offer but at a fraction of the cost

Schedule the content in around your own busy life

Learn from the comfort of your own home

Learn a lot of new skills and techniques in a very short space of time

Receive 1-2-1 video mentoring, X1 hour every 4 weeks for 12 weeks.

Cost effective

Learn from a professional make up artist working in the industry

Aftercare programme available

Receive a professional starter kit at 50% off



South Africa Client - “Was invited to Top Model SA finals. Just by following Sarah’s flawless base steps, I had top models queuing .
Ohh and the girl that won had their makeup done by me”
“First week of intro to make-up with Sarah this week. what can i say?!!! it’s amazing! already learnt more in a couple of days than i did at college! Highly recommended! easy to follow and Sarah is always on hand to help with things i am unsure of. Also the most amazing make-up recommendations! Looking forward to getting through it all and practising all the new techniques!”

“I highly recommend Sarah I was already a trained Makeup Artist BUT I feel I have learnt so much & lots of different techniques I had never thought of before so if your on the fence go for it you will not regret it. I am doing the Introduction to Freelance Makeup Artistry & loving it ””
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Professional Online Bridal Course With Specialised Starter Kit & Professional Makeup Artist Brush Set…

Light Smoked Eyes with Individual Eyelashes

Flawless Base & Glowing Skin

Highlighting & Shading the Face

Shaping & Filling the Eyebrows

Eyeliner Formulas including Winged Eyeliner

Perfecting your Lip Work, including Nude Glossy Lips & Red Glossy Lips

Mature Makeup

Marketing & Promoting your Bridal Career

Bridal Makeup Application Times

Business Guides including - Bridal Makeup Previews, Booking Forms & Taking Deposits and tips for writing your first business plan

My online course has everything you need to get you started in this exciting industry, and to help you move forward with your bridal makeup journey.

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Bonus Guides

Skincare & Caring for The Skin

Makeup Hygiene

Tools & Brush Utilisation

Foundation Advice & Guidance

Eye shadows to Suit Different Eye Colours

Links for Makeup & Skincare Shopping

Kit Building for Professional Makeup Artists

Blusher & Highlighter Guide

Pro Makeup Discounts

EXTRA BONUS GUIDES - Portfolio Building & Organising Photo Shoots

Clean Beauty for Portfolio

Dewy High Sheen Glass Skin

Cream Blusher for an Airbrushed Finish

Receive a professional starter kit at 50% off

This professional bridal course is suited to anyone (existing or beginners) who have a real passion for wishing to work in the bridal industry. I train people in the UK and Worldwide with my online training courses. Working as a professional bridal makeup artist is a very rewarding career, and having the ability to make all your brides look and feel fantastic is a real honour. Something you can be very proud of.





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Client Review UK

“I recently started the Bridal Online Makeup Course with Sarah. For anyone wondering if they should do it, I’d say definitely go for it!! I was pondering on it for a few months but as soon as I emailed Sarah (all of the hundreds of questions I had) she came back with all the information I needed which gave me the confidence go start it. I cannot recommend her courses enough. Lots of information, step by step guidelines, tips and tricks and generally a constant support to me. I’ve started with the foundation module and I’ve been practising lots on friends, sending Sarah photos as I go and she’s always replied with feedback in a very prompt manner. Helpful diagrams showing areas to improve as well as explanations how to do so. She also tells you what you’ve done well which lifts your confidence a lot, as having just started out you tend to see all of the negatives and not so much the bits you’ve done well at. Sarah is always on hand & really patient. Great expert advice, guidance and help. I also find her social media sites great as it’s helpful finding out about tried and tested products and a support network with other makeup artists & students. I’m so glad I’ve found Sarah to help me with my study and I look forward to trying each new module. I didn’t think I’d find distance learning easy but so far so good. I combine this with my normal 9-5 job during the week so can basically pick it up when I choose and there’s no pressure from Sarah as to when I work / finish a unit. It’s really flexible. Finally she is an inspiration and looking at her work, which is amazing gives you the determination to keep on going with something you love and enjoy learning about, to hopefully one day be able to do this for brides as a professional MUA. One very happy student” Ashlie. UK

I’ve learned so much from you in 6 months than I have a year doing freelance and previous training. Thank you Sarah.(Elizabeth UK based)
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As this specialised course is one to one, I have more time to concentrate on you only. The sessions will therefore be shorter than a typical classroom of 16,  allowing more focus and energy to be put into you.

Day 1 - Natural Classic Bridal Makeup

Day 2 - Creative Bridal Makeup

Day 3 - Mature Bridal Makeup

Day 4 - Brand Building, Marketing and Portfolio Building

Day 5 - Portfolio Photography Day with a hair stylist, professional model and professional photographer.

5 Day Course Including Professional Starter Kit with Kryolan Makeup & Professional Complimentary Zeova Brush Set - £2050 (50% deposit required at time of booking)

To book your new bridal course, please contact me to arrange your deposit and dates

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bridal editorial makeup lessons edinburgh.jpg
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I recently completed my 5 day intense bridal course with Sarah Baldwin in Edinburgh, and I have to say it’s been a very valuable and exciting experience!!

I was ready to take my career to a new height so I researched the best intense bridal course on the market in Edinburgh. I cane across Sarah Baldwin and I never looked back.

Her reviews were fabulous and she has lived up to every expectation. Her training techniques are world class and if you are thinking of training in the art of makeup I highly recommend going with Sarah Baldwin.

She’s very welcoming and a lovely person too.
It’s been great Sarah thanks again
I had the best day today doing my first portfolio shoot (i’m literally still buzzing!) I was feeling quite intimidated about it all and I can honestly say it was so worthwhile, and I learned loads and totally loved every minute. I still have a lot to learn which will come with time and practice but i feel i have the skills now to move forward. a massive thanks to Sarah Baldwin for organising it all, supporting me through the process and taking amazing photos. so talented and inspiring xx”


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Whether you are a beginner or an existing artist my training days help artists of all levels achieve their goals. You can choose to take a short 3 hour session or a 6 hour session.

I cater your training day to suit your needs. I will ask you what you would like to learn and from this I will put together a plan for you

Thanks so much Sarah for my 6 hour training course today ! It was amazing and learned loads of new skills. Highly recommend you and your so professional and specific thoughout your lessons! Thanks again I had a wonderful day. ”


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Client Review…

I completed a pro make up course but felt I needed some more training and lacked confidence in my skills. After searching online I stumbled across Sarah’s website and what an amazing find it’s been. I’ve now completed quite a few face to face lessons which have been tailored to exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve learned so much and Sarah is patient, friendly and so talented. She offers many different types of make up training and services and even more valuable, is the amazing after service. She is always on hand to answer questions, provide encouragement and provide feedback on practice sessions. Following on from this, she is helping me with doing a shoot to start my make up portfolio (one of the images you can see here). I can’t recommend her enough, EVERYTHING you could possibly need to become a make up artist. All I can say is a heartfelt thanks. Susan Deans, Glasgow.


Client Review…

I started working with Sarah a few months ago. I noticed she did online lessons and as I live far away from any makeup schools I thought this could be a good option for me. Sarah has helped me with: my website, pricing, a business plan, ideas, photoshoots, moodboards, career development and many technical aspects of makeup applications.

Nothing is too much trouble and even though I’ve not met her she feels like a friend. I teach some makeup classes myself and I know it is not easy to teach and explain how to do things. Sarah does it in a really caring, friendly and helpful way and you never feel embarrassed to ask or show your work.In my day to day work I feel much more confident now as well as in my portfolio building and looking for new opportunities available in makeup artistry.

Her lessons are extremely good value for money and worth every penny. I have already recommended her to other makeup artists I know and will continue to do so. I can’t thank Sarah enough, our paths crossing has truly been a blessing to me as a person and in my career. Charlotte Easton, Isle of Man”


Client Review…

“I have been a freelance Makeup Artist for a year now and decided to focus more on the bridal market and thought a brush up on technique and knowledge was due. After much research I decided to book in with Sarah, her industry knowledge and experience as well as warm approach made her a good choice to book with. She completely tailored the 1 2 1 to what I was aiming to achieve, giving advice not only on application but business practice as well, which since adopting has improved my client interest. The model Sarah chose for me on the day was a delight and her advice on changing my blending technique and how to use the brush better to my advantage has reduced my application time and mess, my hands no longer look like a toddler has drew over them!
Much more confident after my 1 2 1 with Sarah and already planning my next module with her. ”

NEW YORK CITY CLIENT REVIEW... I took the contouring online class with Sarah, my problem was my contour came out too strong and too Orange on pictures so I needed help asap! And with the online class I was able to learn amazing techniques that helped me improve 100% on my contour, the class was very detailed and it was very easy to understand and follow the instructions and with practice and her tips do it very well. I definitely recommend her classes for anyone and to makeup artist like me that every day look for a way to improve, Sarah is very attentive, she is very professional and always there to help, she replies her emails right away when you have a question and even tell you what products work the best for her classes. Client - New York City USA
Sarah is at hand to answer queries and to discuss anything I’m unsure of. I also like that she holds you accountable for practicing the methods/looks. This is something that makes her course unique and pushes me beyond my comfort zone and has boosted my confidence. It is such a pleasure to be able to learn from such a great makeup artist and a lovely teacher. I look forward to learning more from Sarah.

How long does the online course take to complete?

I do not set any deadlines for the course to be completed by. The course is very flexible and you fit this around your own schedule to suit you. A lot of my students have busy life’s, therefore I like to keep it flexible for people. The more you study the quicker you will complete the modules. But at the same time if you can only fit in a little study and practical work once a month, this is also completely fine.

Do you offer aftercare with your online course? And face to face Training?

I do, I offer x1 video call every 4 weeks for 12 weeks for the online option. This will be 1-2 hours long. This is a great addition as I can check in with you and we can discuss your progress, and what you need to be doing to move forward. This is also very beneficial to discuss your kit building, applications, practice work and anything else you wish to ask me. I advise students to make bullet points for the calls. Aftercare for my face to face training is priced separately on a be spoke service. If you wish to take more aftercare and my mentorship programme for the online option, this can also be arranged for you. This is fantastic for you to start building your business and to kick start your portfolio building.

Who are my courses suitable for?

My courses are perfect for aspiring artists, existing artists and also beginner artists. I train a lot of people right from the beginning, but equally I also train people who have studied elsewhere but feel they need to add more to their skill set, and to also have their confidence levels lifted. My courses are great for building confidence and really lifting people higher.

How does payment work?

You order your online course through the Thinkific course platform, you can then pay via credit card, paypal or debit card. If booking my face to face training this is all done via bank transfer.

Will I receive a certificate?

I offer a certificate of completion once the modules have been carried out to a high standard, and I have seen evidence of your practical work, I ask students to mail me their work after each module so I can access this. Certificates are also handed to students who complete my 5 day bridal course to a high standard.


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