Hi everyone, Sarah here. I have wanted to write this article for a few weeks now. I have been really busy with undertaking some new makeup filming and planning some more editorial photo shoots.


Which is all great fun, but now I have some downtime I can start to plan some new blogs for you all to enjoy.


So today I want to talk about getting the right makeup training, and as my case study, I am using my lovely past student and friend Susan Deans. Here is Susan below looking beautiful…

best makeup courses edinburgh.jpg

“I completed a pro make up course but felt I needed some more training and lacked confidence in my skills. After searching online I stumbled across Sarah’s website and what an amazing find it’s been. I’ve now completed quite a few face to face lessons which have been tailored to exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve learned so much and Sarah is patient, friendly and so talented. She offers many different types of make up training and services and even more valuable, is the amazing after service. She is always on hand to answer questions, provide encouragement and provide feedback on practice sessions. Following on from this, she is helping me with doing a shoot to start my make up portfolio, I can’t recommend her enough, EVERYTHING you could possibly need to become a make up artist. All I can say is a heartfelt thanks. Susan Deans, Glasgow”

There are so many makeup schools out there, and finding the right one can be tricky. It depends what learning style you prefer, what style of makeup you want to concentrate on, plus if you want a big class environment or more of a masterclass feel to the training or one to one. I end up re training so many people who spend a lot of money at academy’s, this can be due to poor teaching, and/or not having that feedback to let you know if you are applying the makeup correctly (this is all feedback I have been given over the years), if you do not get this you can leave the schools feeling disappointed and also lacking a hell of a lot of confidence. Plus, a lot of people are handed certificates way to freely, even if you leave the schools with poor makeup skills. Do your research and find the right fit for you.

One of my recent students who completed a    5 day bridal course with me and professional photo shoot

One of my recent students who completed a 5 day bridal course with me and professional photo shoot

My 5 day bridal course, day 1 set up

My 5 day bridal course, day 1 set up

There are many other factors you consider when choosing the right makeup school for you. I know when I trained, I had to go to the best, I thought to myself if I am spending this amount of money, I am making sure I go to the top school I can find. All in all, I spent over 5k on my training, and even now 8 years on I am still investing in books and online classes to help further my knowledge, this also helps my students, as it means I have the best knowledge to pass onto them, for their makeup progression and confidence. You have to stay fresh and ahead in this industry.

The academy where I studied back in 2011

The academy where I studied back in 2011


I went to AOFM in London, it seems so long ago now. I thoroughly enjoyed my training and it set me up with the basics to allow me to go out there, and build my skill set further. I would say for sure I am self taught, over the last 8 years I have learnt so much myself, way more than the school taught me. The school gave me the basics and the confidence to start my business.

Ok so,

Susan reached out to me in April 2018. Susan had already done some makeup training at a local school, but her confidence was very low and she felt she had left her training with not much knowledge on makeup artistry.


When Susan sent me the images she had created at this makeup school, (I always ask for work, If clients have had past makeup training, so I can assess peoples skill set and where they are at) I knew straight away she was totally right, the makeup was very dated and not very fresh looking. Definitely not what Susan wanted for her career.

Below Susan’s past work from the local academy she went too…

I started to plan a course structure for Susan, and came up with a be spoke plan to suit what Susan wanted to learn. I always make sure my course plans are suited to each person to make sure they get exactly what they need. Even my online courses can be tweaked, and you can also just take certain modules if you do not want the full course. It is all very flexible. Susan came to me over a period of around 4-5 months, coming to see me on weekends (and has also taken my online course after her face to face training), as Susan worked full time and has a little boy this set up suited her lifestyle.

We saw each other every few weeks or so, and when I felt Susan was ready, we then planned in her professional photo shoot.

You can see Susan’s old work above, and below the work she produced in her photo shoot with me, along with her own client work she has produced since, for people events. Susan has also just taken on her very first wedding booking. Susan has also started adding nails into her skill set. After undertaking a 3 day nail course.

The photo shoot portfolio day, is available to anyone wishing to step up their portfolio, even if you have not trained with me you can book a portfolio day shoot with me. But of course you can book in a training session before the shoot if you so wish too. I arrange the model, hair stylist, stylist and photography..

But can you see above, just what a difference having the right makeup teacher and mentor can mean for you, her work says it all. And not just her work but Susan’s confidence levels rocketed and she is even now offering makeup lessons to her clients. Susan also left her corporate job of 10 years so she can concentrate on her new makeup career, not many people will do this (very brave), but after her training with me she felt confident enough to do so. And I could not be happier for Susan.

Susan’s One to One Lesson Set up…

How amazing, Susan now feels confident to offer teaching as part of her services…

bridal makeup courses edinburgh.jpg

Susan’s Wedding Preview Set up…

Susan just took her very first wedding booking…

FABULOUS MAKEUP TRAINING CASE STUDY - This absolutely made my day, receiving this wonderful video from my client. I am always so happy to hear that my clients got so much from my professional makeup training, whether this is in person or online. Thank you so much Susan, a real pleasure teaching you.

Will you be next and sky rocket your makeup career to the next level with the right training, if you feel you would like any advice or have any questions please do get in touch with me, and I will be happy to help.

If you have any comments on this article please do feel free to leave them and I will get back to you.