Hi Everyone,

The bridal preview is upon you, and I have to say it is a very exciting time for you, and us the makeup artist.

Most people are not entirely sure what to expect from a bridal preview/consultation, therefore I thought I would share with you how mine work, and this should help give you an understanding of what to expect from yours.

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The first question my clients ask me after booking my services is, "how far in advance shall I book in my preview"? this differs from person to person. Personally I always recommend 6 months. I have had brides see me a year in advance, some I see a few months before (it depends on each persons circumstances). It is very different is my client is living abroad, in this instance we have to try and fit in a preview when they arrive in Scotland. But inbetween this, we are communicating over e mail regarding the makeup. 


6 months is a great time, this is because we then have time to work on any skin issues you may have. I always keep in touch with my brides in the lead up to the wedding, so I am able to discuss and help with any skin problems. This is also a nice time frame to build up a good relationship before the wedding day. 


I have helped numerous brides with skin issues i.e acne, redness, dryness, uneven skin. This is all done in the lead up to the wedding day. We have to make sure the skin is in it's absolute best condition, so the makeup sits well and lasts. Skincare is always NO1. I love turning up on the wedding day and seeing what a transformation some of my brides have made to their skin with my guidance, compared to what it was like at the preview, worlds apart. The leg work beforehand really does pay off. 


All my brides get a bridal skincare document at the preview and e mailed to them upon the booking of my services, this is also given to the bridal party so we can be sure everyone is putting in the leg work ahead of the big day. 




You should have a communication, e mail or phone call from your makeup artist a week or so before with instructions such as - 

- Please wear a white or ivory top

- Please have with you images of your dress and any fabric samples you have 

- Please have with you images of your bridesmaids/bridal party dresses and fabric samples (if possible)

- Please have the makeup on, that you would usually wear on a daily basis

- Please have with you images of any makeup looks you like. (Not essential) but it does help give the artist a good understanding of the makeup you like. I always advise it is not essential as I have a bridal pinterest board I use for reference, and bridal magazines. 


I ask a lot of questions relating to the makeup, fake tan and lashes in my booking form, so I can get a head start before the preview takes place. I also ask on the day if my client knows what hairstyle she is having. 


Being able to see my client in the makeup she usually wears really helps me in designing her bridal makeup look. I always go through looks on my Pinterest board with my client, to get a gage of the ones she likes. We can then discuss this, and I can advise what will suit my client's features and her day. Below are 4 very different bridal looks I have on my board - 


Sometimes if my client's do not wear much makeup, but come to me with a heavy look in mind (like image 2 above), I advise it maybe a shock when they see themselves, so I advise to start light, they can then see themselves at the end, and we then have room to add more if need be.

Remember you want to look and feel like yourself, so going for a look that is not usually you, will feel very odd on as would asking for a red lip if you never wear lipstick. Bridal makeup is all about making YOU feel like YOU at your most beautiful. 

On the other hand, I have had client's who are very sure they want a really light look, but when they see themselves they ask for more. But this is great, as this is what the preview is for, not just to see how you will look on your special day but to be able to try different things, see what you like and really importantly what you do not like. 



Me and my client sit down and discuss all elements of her wedding, I get to see the colour themes, images of the dress, and bridal party dresses along with details of the venue and stytle of wedding. We have a chat about her skincare in detail, and recommend any extra things she needs to do. I give her skincare samples to take home to try if required. I show my bride the touch up kits they are able to purchase for herself and the bridal party. 


Once this is all done, we move onto the makeup applications, very exciting. 

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Always in good light, I carry out the preview, my client is not able to see the makeup being done. Until it is all finished.

Your preview should feel relaxed and fun, and you should enjoy the process. 

I always ask my clients once they have seen themselves, at the end, how do you feel with the makeup on? have you any areas you would like to tweak? whats your overall impression? This is very important as it allows me to make sure my client is happy and leaves happy, it also gives my client the chance to speak up if she would like any adjustments. 


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Always speak up if you want changes, makeup artists are their to make sure you get exactly what you want and to leave feeling 100% happy. 


On the other hand if your artist is totally off the mark and you do not like the whole look, then it maybe time to choose someone else who is a better fit for you. But if there are a few minor changes you would like making, then always say as this is very easily adjusted for you. 

Example below - 

My client arrived asking for more on the eyes than she usually wears. Image below, is the look we first did. She loved it, it looked great on her, her skin looked amazing, and her eyes popped, but she felt she actually wanted less on the eyes (sometimes when you see yourself with what you had in your mind, it can look very different seeing it on)

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We had a chat and tweaked some areas on the eyes, and she actually ended up having way less on the eyes, no lashes just a little cream shadow and highlight, and waterproof mascara. So really, it was great she saw herself with more on because she then knew, she actually wanted something different. Below is my client on her wedding day, as you can see the eyes are very different than in the original preview. 



You must click with your makeup artist and feel comfortable with them, the artist will be with you on the morning of your wedding, so you must feel at ease and comfortable. It is a real honour being able to make over my brides, and I always make them feel relaxed on the day. 


All makeup artists will run their previews slightly differently, but this should help give you a insight into what to expect. Every makeup artist I feel should be doing all that is listed in this blog, it is all very important in getting to know you, your style and designing your look. 


Honesty is always best, please do always speak up in what you want and do not want. We are here to make sure you look and feel your absolute best 


Any questions please feel free to ask, here to help answer any you may have