Hello everyone, 


This week I would like to share the wonders and beauty of Pink & Green Organic Skincare, made in Wiltshire, England by Carol Aplin.  Carol started Pink & Green Skincare in 2014 after working for many years as a holistic therapist.


I stumbled across the brand on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I am so pleased I did. I spent some time on the website looking at the items and reading what ingredients they are made with. It actually came at a very good time for me, as recently my skin which is prone to redness and sensitivities, has been causing me some issues. 



The redness has been getting very inflamed and angry recently. To the point where when I applied my skincare my face was stinging. I did buy a new product which is targeted for redness and acne scarring, and this is what was making my skin so sore. I checked the ingredients again on this particular product and it was very high in Alcohol Denat and Acid. Not good. 



My partner came into the bathroom that night, and said to me "are you ok, your skin looks really sore" I explained it does get red from time to time but he said "no, that looks sore and burnt" (OH GOD) So my interest in Pink & Green Skincare became my new hobby, to hunt down skincare and ingredients that will help reduce this inflammation and to help repair my already existing slight acne scarring. As well as applying fabulous ingredients to my face every day which is going to help lift and enhance my skin. 


Carol very kindly sent me some samples to try, and in 2 days the redness and stinging had disappeared. And even more so it was that noticable that my partner said "have you taken off your makeup?" I said "yes" (thinking hummmm where is this going ;)) and his response was "wow has that new skincare reduced all that redness in just that short time" I said "I know how amazing, I am super pleased with the results" My skin is still slightly red on my cheeks, I am use to that but the angry redness which spread over my whole face has completely gone. As has the stinging. Phew 



I have spent time since, reading the ingredients, Rosehip oil I am so pleased to see in some of the products as this has so many amazing benefits, such as - 


Regenerating, rejuvenating, healing.  The only vegetable oil to contain tretinoin (a form of vitamin A) which helps to repair damaged skin, acne, and reduce wrinkles and scars.  Good source of essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) which assist with skin regeneration.  One of the best anti-ageing oils.

I get a lot of Vitamin A in my diet as I know that is great for the skin (especially eggs), so why would I not use it on my face, no brainer. All products are hand made in small batches down in Wiltshire which I love the idea of. A little skincare kitchen in the UK, making amazing organic skincare. Love it. 



Organic skincare yes is a little more pricey than the shelf items in stores, BUT so much more worth while, as the ingredients are not watered down, you get a much higher strength in each ingredient. Which means better results for your skin. Plus the ingredients you are getting are of a much higher yield. 


Carol has a range for sensitive skin, called Very Gentle. The items I was sent from this range are as follows - 


Very Gentle Cleanser - Unfragranced.



Very Gentle Moisturiser also unfragranced, this cream is like air, it is super lightweight and feels so cool on the skin. Definitely one I will be purchasing along with the above cleanser. Carol sells a duo of these 2 items with £5 off. £45 in total for the set. 


I was also sent the Organic Floral Rose Water Toner Spritzer. So soothing and felt amazing on the skin after I had cleansed. No stinging at all, just soothing and gentle. 



Gentle Facial Exfoliator. Love love love this product. Really gentle on the skin, my dry areas have gone since using this item. Especially on my forehead and temples. 



Organic One Balm (unfragranced) Now this is a wonder product it has so many uses, I have used it as lip balm, on my feet overnight to help with dryness. You can use it as a primer, cleanser and moisturiser along with face mask and nail balm (seriously how good). So it really is the perfect product for travelling. Comes with Muslin Cloth also Organic. 



AWARD WINNING - Organic Eye Love Night Serum, this has carrot oil in how wonderful as well as Grapefruit Seed which is an amazing ingredient for anti aging. Perfect for banishing those wrinkles.



Organic Sensitive Facial Oil - This has Hemp Seed Oil, Chamomille, lavender and Jojoba Seed Oil in. All just pure loveliness. Carol also has facial oils for mature skin, oily skin and normal skin



I am also so happy to see Lavender Oil in some of the items as this is great for new cell renewal and helping with scaring. Castor Oil  is also included in some items, this is amazing for penetrating deep into the skin and helps to stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin. Both Collagen and Elastin soften and hydrate the skin, which can delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.



This last week since using this beautiful range, I have looked forward to taking off my makeup and excited to use the products. I am really excited to see how my skin improves over the months using this range. 


Invest in your skin, yes it maybe a little bit more expensive but you end up using less as you are receiving a higher potent of ingredient in the products, meaning less usage and more benefits to you. So really i am using less product and getting better results. Bonus 

Oh and did I mention my makeup sits perfectly over the Very Gentle range, my pores are reduced and my makeup looks so much smoother. 

Please click on the blue links included in the blog to be directed to the website and items, you can then read all about the wonderful ingredients in each item. 

I have to say Pink & Green Skincare has got me excited again about using great quality skincare. I am now off to the website to order my cleanser and moisturiser. 

What will you choose? 

Enjoy browsing the site and the blogs Carol has listed. Very informative. 

Please do leave any questions or comments below 


Sarah x