Hi everyone, 


So today I am up nice and early, well earlier than usual as part of my new plan. So I am able to fit in more blogging, and work on other areas of my business that I do not get time for. I said to myself, I need more hours in the day, so the solution is get up earlier. It sucks, yes but needs doing. 


So today I will be talking about the beauty of Jouer Cosmetics (CRUELTY FREE). I only discovered Jouer around a year or so ago, the first item I wanted to try was the highlighters. They just look so yummy. But first off I actually opted for the Essential Matt & Shimmer eyeshdaow palette, this way I could try a couple of highlighters and the shadows in one. Let's just say they did not disappoint. I use them on so many client's Creamy, great colour pay off, blend like a dream, and look fantastic on the skin. You only need a very small amount due to the colour intensity. 

jouer makeup .jpg

After a little while, I saw online they had a brand new duo blusher out (only out in the last few weeks). What a gem this is, I knew I had to try it. I opted for Blush Bouquet. The packaging on the palette itself is absolutely stunning. Anything rose gold themed and I am there. The palette is a light pink and gold with a beautiful flower pattern. Just so pretty. The blush itself is so creamy and looks gorgeous on the skin. (VIDEOS TO COME VERY SOON)  The Palette features two highly pigmented blush tones which can be used alone or blended together to add a healthy pop of colour to your cheeks. Enriched with Vit E


I also ordered the Limited Edition Lip Topper in shade Funfetti. Beautiful sparkly topper that sits over your lipstick. And OMG it smells of marshmallows, seriously so good. My dog was very interested when she smelled it. 


I also ordered Skinny Dip Highlighter. This is more of a golden shade, so better suited for people with medium, olive and darker skin. I am quite a light skin tone and its a little to golden and dark on me. If I use it very sparingly mixed with a lighter highlighter it looks lovely. Very finely milled so the pigments settle on the skin rather than reflect off it. 



I received some free foundation samples from the Essential Full Coverage range. Unfortunately they sent me all the darker tones, therefore I mixed my Bodyshop light Drops into shade Almond. Honestly I have never applied a foundation and looked in the mirror, sort of confused at first then I said to myself WOW.


The coverage is fantastic, it instantly dried a semi matt and clung to me like a second skin. It honestly looked amazing. I required no concealer for my scarring or redness, just some under my eyes. Pretty impressive. This foundation has mixed reviews, some people stating it made the skin dry, and patchy. And I can totally understand this, if you have any dry areas or lack with a good skin routine it will show this up. But saying this, I have a great skin routine, but sometimes can get little dry areas on my forehead and nose. Other foundations such as the Kiko Ultimate, oh my this showed up every pore, dry area and just sat on my skin rather than sinking into it. So, it sounds like his Jouer foundation has given some people the same effect.

My advice would be to really have a super skin routine, masks, serums and exfoliate any dry areas away and it will sit on your skin very well. It stayed on all day also and i hardly needed any powder.  

You can order this beautiful brand from Beauty Bay  I found this website to be a little bit more cost effectIVE than Cult Beauty, but you can also purchase it from Cult Beauty

I am looking forward to trying more from this beautiful elegant brand


Sarah x