NEW BLOG POST – Today I would like to share with you all my new Kryolan Pro Makeup purchases.

I have been using Kryolan in my kit for a very long time now and they never disappoint. Every product I have had from Kryolan has been perfect for my kit and camera work. The range they have for creative, beauty and editorial work is out of this world. I use a lot of their creative items for my shoots.

Today I have the ever so beautiful Glamour Glow Bridal palette to show you. This palette is seriously so dam beautiful. It is the first blusher and highlighter I have used in a long time that I have said WOW at when applied to my clients. The softness it has and the finish on the skin is just so elegant and classic. Perfect for brides. You can see my attached image, this shows my bride at her preview.

It is so finely milled you cannot see any particles of product just a flattering sheen to the skin, which is what we all want, right 😊

I also invested in my 3rd tube  of the Pearl Shimmering Event Foundation. I love using this under the foundation to act as a highlighter, just on the cheekbones. It is also my go to sheen product for shoots and any fashion shows as it leaves the most beautiful shine on the skin, perfect for camera work and under lights. Another very versatile product as I can also tweak it to use for my brides.

Next is the best brow gel I have used, this Eyebrow Forming Gel dries the brows and leaves the hairs in a beautiful upwards position all day, again perfect for brides and staying power.

I invested in a couple of new brushes, I love the Premium Range from Kryolan. I have not used these brushes before. I am going to keep the fan brush for my creative shoots. I have found it is a little too hard to use as a highlighter brush which is what I like to use them for. But it will act as a great effect on the skin for creative looks. The powder brush is lovely and soft and ideal for setting your makeup.

If you have not yet discovered Kryolan you are really missing out, they have such a huge range for us makeup artists. They produce their products with makeup artists in mind so you can be assured they are top quality and perfect for your pro kit. A brand for makeup artists.




AND REMEMBER MAKEUP ARTISTS CAN APPLY FOR THE 20% PRO DISCOUNT. This also means you can collect points and spend them in the pro shop. BONUS

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Kryolan Glamour Glow Palette
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